Why I started BC Collections journey with Bling Sting

I never thought in a million years that I would have been assaulted in front of my mother’s house. While standing on the side of my car two men walked in front of me and at this point I had no protection other than calling on the name of my Heavenly Father for his grace and my angels.

As I look back on the assault, I know that If I had some type of protection such as the pepper spray, alarm, or stun gun the assault and carjacking could have been avoided. For this reason, I have partnered with Bling Sting to promote the defense and safety protection tools that must be used during these perilous times. Only if I had had any of the tools on my safety protection gear ……. how things would turn out differently.

The Bling Sting products are for you, your mom, best friend, best friend mom, sisters, coworkers, grandma, every girl (over 18 years) woman and person. Join me in my mission to get safety protection gear into the hands of every woman and man in America.

Empowering Women with stylish safety keychains for protection